Double Scissor Lift

Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift D45
  • Longer platform to perform Push Pull Runout.
  • Double-level platform scissor lift.
  • Sliding blocks adopt oil free super-wearable material.
  • Double safety device : Hydraulic lock & Mechanical dual-gear safety-claw lock.
  • Adopt combined anti-abrasive material roll cage.
  • Adjustable second-lifting platform length.
  • Pneumatic double-teeth self-locking system & the anti-explosive pipe.
  • Imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electric components.
  • Equipped with leveling sensor for synchronized movement of platform.
Technical Specification
Main machine Lifting capacity 4.5 Ton
Submachine lifting capacity 4.5 Ton
Main machine max. Lifting height 1850 mm
Submachine lifting height 450 mm
Main machine Platform length 4500 mm
Submachine length 1400 - 1610 mm
Main machine platform width 620 mm
Overall length 5000 mm
Overall width 2040 mm
Lifting speed < 55 seconds
Dropping speed < 55 seconds
Power supply 380V AC, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Power 2.2KW

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