Rhino 4 HF

Floor Plate

Two post lift Rhino 4HF
  • Lifting of Cars, MUVs & SUVs by Electro-Hydraulic power.
  • Suitable for Lifting / Lowering of Vehicles upto 4 ton weight.
  • Dual Hydraulic cylinder to ensure steady Lifting & Lowering.
  • Symmetric Vertical posts for wider opening of Vehicle door.
  • Universal Telescopic Asymmetric Lifting arms with 2 deck to accommodate different kinds of vehicles.
  • Limit switch for automatic stopping at extreme upper positions (for Clear floor model).
  • Safety mechanism using Steel rope to provide synchronous movement of both lifting arms.
Specification Rhino 4 HF
Lifiting capacity 4 Ton
Overall height 2844 mm
Bay width 3419 mm
Inside column 2799 mm
Load distribution (front: Rear) 2:3
Lifting time <45 seconds
Drive through clearance 2579 mm
Maximum lifting height 1800 mm
Minimum height 110 mm
Lifting arm adjustments
Minimum length
Maximum length
Front           Rear
712 mm     992 mm
1051 mm     1462 mm
Power supply 380V AC, 3Phase, 50Hz
Power 3.0 HP

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