Axle Alignment System

Designed & Developed exclusively for front axle Manufacturers to Pre-align Toe in a dynamic axle assembly line

Axle Alignment
  • Wireless Communication using Zigbee RF Technology
  • Total cycle time of 70 seconds is all it takes for the entire process
  • Compact design, occupies less floor space
  • Software guided process sequence
  • Alignment summary report with Xmr chart for statistical control and process capability analysis
  • Automatic data pushing (alignment results) to Manufacturer MES server
  • Max Turn (Lock angle) measurement (Optional)
  • Battery powered Camera Hub adapters with Auto-charging facility in idle condition, suitable for continuous 16 hours operation once fully charged for 8 hours
  • Display of Toe in “degree min”, “degree”, “mm/M”, “mm”
  • Data manager software for storing Axle alignment results with reference to Axle ID / Date for future reference.
  • Customized Toe setting software along with Data management software are exclusively developed to suit vehicle manufacturer’s requirement.
  • The system will measure individual toe of each axle hub independent of the distance between the axle hubs.
  • The proprietary software computes everything internally and displays relevant results like Straight Ahead,Individual Toe, Total Toe and Camber
  • Measurements can only be stored when all the values are within the tolerance.
Measurement Parameters Range Resolution Accuracy
Individual Toe ± 30mm 0.2mm ± 0.2mm
Total Toe-in ± 60mm 0.2mm ± 0.2mm
Straight Ahead ± 60mm 0.2mm ± 0.2mm
Camber ± 10° 00' 00° 02' ± 00° 02'
Lock to Lock Angle 25° to 55° 00° 07' ± 00° 15'
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