i-COOL 100

For Cars

AC Gas Charger Icool big new
  • LCD Monochrome display
  • Suitable for Cars & LCV cabins
  • Fully Automatic machine (Recovery, Recycling, Vacuum, Leak test & Recharging)
  • Filter in recovery line to eliminate humidity & acidity
  • Manual air purge from refrigerant tank
  • Automatic High pressure protection for Compressor
  • Audible indication / alarm
  • Caution & error message / prompt
  • Self diagnosis for checking the fitness of the machine
  • Check valves to facilitate quick, easy & safe servicing
  • Vehicle data base (up to 500 vehicles)
  • Software update through USB interface
  • Vehicle data update through USB interface
  • Shock proof protection for load cells
  • Quick coupler provision for new oil & used oil bottle
Techical Sepcification
Type of refrigerant R134a
Service process Automatic / Manual
Display LCD Monochrome 20x4
Vacuum Pump 2.5 CFM, 1/4 hp
Compressor 8.1 cc
Refrigeran bottle capacity 12 kgs
Power supply 230/110 VAC ± 5%,
Iφ, 50/60Hz+N+PE
Power consumption 900 W

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