Electro Hydraulic

Four Post Lift big
  • Driven by hydraulic cylinder in stable lifting & lowering.
  • Device performs stable and reliable work with anti-breaking rope safety insurance.
  • Connected by using steel cables, forced synchronized movement of the lift in order to effectively prevent the sloping of the vehicle.
  • Level can be well adjusted to meet the need for wheel alignment.
  • Wheel free jack 2 Ton capacity.
Technical Specification
Lifting capacity 4.0 Ton
Max.lifting height 1962 mm
Min. lifting height 127 mm
Platform length 4500 mm
Platform width 508 mm
Overall width (with motor) 3276 mm
Lifting speed < 55 seconds
Ramp (2 Nos.) Included
Central jack 2 Ton
Power supply 380V AC, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Power 2.2KW

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