Spread over 15,000, Manatec’s green field manufacturing facility is located in southern India.

Factory Front view

Manatec’s production floor is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facilities to produce high quality garage equipment. The Production floor is spread over an area of 130,000 sq.ft in the new Greenfield facility.

Production techniques such as Cellular manufacturing, KANBAN & 5S are practiced to ensure quality throughput. The infrastructure includes CNC machines, machine shop, tool room, electronics assembling & testing bays, sub-assembly bays and final-assembly lines. Stringent Quality Assurance measures are in place to control various stages of production right from raw material, sub assembly to final product inspection.

The new Greenfield facility has the production infrastructure with the capacity to produce the following volumes:

3D Wheel Aligner
Gas Analyser
Wheel Balancer
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